Ayurveda and AIDS HIV Ayurvedic Treatment

Helps is an acronym for the ‘AIDS’. Helps is not a solitary infection but rather it is a disorder an arrangement of illnesses, which comes about because of the demolition of the body’s protections by human insusceptible insufficiency infection, HIV.

The infection that causes ” Aids’ – HIV has a place with a group of infections known as retroviruses. HIV resembles a moved up porcupine. It contain two snakes like single strands of RNA alongside turn around transcripts immovably wrapped up in a center, giving HIV its trademark appearance.

On entering the white platelets known as CD 4 cells, HIV creates its own DNA and sees to it this gets embedded into the DNA of the host cell. The viral DNA has enough power and data to coordinate the predetermination of the cell. It can drive the cell to make a few new duplicates of HIV. However because of certain trigger and administrative instruments, the viral DNA lies lethargic in the host cell for quite a long while before it starts to do the harm.

Individuals contaminated with HIV may take 7 – 10 years to create AIDS.



As indicated by Ayurveda the AIDS illness might be related with “Kshaya’ or “Ojakshaya’ which means loss of vitality. The Symptoms and causative elements and treatment for the last are discovered specified in numerous antiquated Ayurvedic tests like, Charaka Samhitha, Bhavaprakasha,Vaidyachintamani and Chakradatta and so forth., Shosha is another condition, which comes about because of loss of vitality that is like AIDS.

The sickness is brought about by the prevailing kapha dosha alongside alternate doshas tends to obstruct the way for the stream of rasadi dhatus in their individual areas in this manner bringing about the crumbling of saptha dhatu Rasa(plasma), Rakta (blood cells),Mansa ( strong tissue), Meda (fat tissue), Asthi (hard tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and the Shukra (regenerative tissue). in this manner coming about into the sickness.

The real side effects are:

  • loss of craving, extreme loss of weight-weakening
  • exhaustion and dormancy
  • powerlessness to hypersensitivities and infectious sicknesses
  • skin aggravations
  • bronchial clutters, frequently prompting to tuberculosis of the lungs
  • harm to intestinal vegetation bringing about looseness of the bowels, diarrhea, gastritis and
  • wide vacillations in body temperature. delayed fever
  • restlessness and so forth.


All appears not lost for the HIV contaminated people as the Ayurvedic supplements are turned out to be safe with no symptoms and there must be change and not disintegration.


The initial step to stem the sickness is to guarantee a decent and solid climate for the patient. He ought to be encompassed by good natured companions and relatives who must insist that the malady state is absolutely reparable. Nothing negative ought to be examined before the patient.

The patient ought to be given sustaining nourishment which is effectively absorbable. He ought to be urged to do simple practice which does not strain his delicate wellbeing. He ought to be kept occupied with productive exercises which fortify the great inclinations inborn in him.

At first, the patient is given tonics and rejuvenators (Rasayanas) to support insusceptibility levels and to reinforce the framework and invigorate hunger.

Subsequent to increasing some quality, shodhana (end) strategies are utilized to remove poisons from the body through douches, purgation and emesis. The medicines regulated at this stage are not hard or intense, but rather delicate, ghee-based so that the patient withstands them effortlessly.

Besides the blood is decontaminated with fitting meds. Liver restorative measures additionally assume an imperative part.

A fortifying eating routine alongside cured ghee arrangements and soups is prescribed. Be that as it may, fiery, sleek and acidic nourishments are to be kept away from. A little liquor is prescribed as anupana (bearer) to help the stomach related process, furthermore evacuate blockages in the stream of Rasadi dhatus, i.e. srothorodha.

Patient is encouraged to do consistent work out. In the event that the patient is unequipped for practicing or running because of shortcoming, then steaming (swedanam) is additionally suggested. purpose for this is ‘Warmed blood is said to debilitate, and even obliterate, the infection now and again’.

Encounter has demonstrated that specific herbo-mineral mixes arranged according to the formulae recommended by sages like Agasthya, Charaka, Sarangadhara and others for the treatment of Kshaya have achieved huge brings about enhancing the state of AIDS patients. The Rasayana and Vajikara impacts of the these drugs are useful for the patients.

A portion of the propritery ayurvedic prescriptions accomplishing great change in the personal satisfaction of patients incorporate ‘Chyavanprash’, “Raktavardhak” for Immunity building and ‘Sookshma Triphla all tabs’ away the disease.


A case of an Ayurvedic cure which might be useful in the treatment of people determined to have AIDS is ‘Chyavanprash’. “Chyavanprash” is most helpful and most well known rejuvenator tonic(Rasayana) of Ayurveda.

This is an Ayurvedic home grown recipe which increments ojas, and reestablishes the stomach related, eliminative, respiratory and sexual frameworks. It is often utilized in squandering conditions where it has been clinically appeared to enhance wellbeing and help with weight pick up. The primary fixing in Chyavanprash is ‘Amalaki’- the Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), which has the most elevated yield of common source vitamin C, with 3000 mg for every organic product. It is additionally a rich wellspring of actually happening hostile to oxidants including bioflavonoids, vitamin B-complex and carotenes (vitamin A).

Examines recommend that this berry has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It helps processing, brings down hypertension and brings down blood cholesterol. Clinical research has demonstrated that it quickens repair of muscle and skin and improves common mitigating substances.

Chayvanprash additionally contains around 35 others herbs which open up and expand the impacts of its primary fixing; such a capable detailing may in fact be useful in the treatment of people who have been determined to have AIDS. Perusers can likewise utilize it as general reviving Ayurvedic tonic regardless of their constitution.

Other helpful medications incorporate – Shatavari – utilized as ‘Shatavari kalpa’,Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia), Kalmegh(Andrographis paniculata) and so on.

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