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Mammography | Mammogram | Breast cancer - Keephealthyalways

Mammography | Mammogram | Breast cancer - Keephealthyalways

A mammogram is a x-ray image of the breast. It very well may be utilized to check for breast cancer in ladies who have no signs or symptoms of the sickness. It can likewise be utilized on the off chance that you have a bump or other indication of breast cancer. 

Screening mammography is the kind of mammogram that checks you when you have no symptoms. It can help diminish the quantity of passings from breast cancer among ladies ages 40 to 70. In any case, it can likewise have disadvantages. Mammograms can some of the time discover something that looks irregular however isn't cancer. This prompts further testing and can cause you anxiety. Once in a while mammograms can miss cancer when it is there. It additionally exposes you to radiation. You should converse with your specialist about the advantages and disadvantages of mammograms. Together, you can choose when to begin and how regularly to have a mammogram. 

Mammograms are likewise prescribed for more youthful ladies who have symptoms of breast cancer or who have a high danger of the infection. 

When you have a mammogram, you remain before a x-ray machine. The individual who takes the x-rays places your breast between two plastic plates. The plates press your breast and make it level. This might be uneasy, however it gets an unmistakable picture. You ought to get a composed report of your mammogram results inside 30 days.

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