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‘The Milk and Cookie Disease’ Epidemic: How Much Candy Is Your Child Drinking?

As an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist who sees up to 30 kids for every day, I'm very acquainted with the ailments that influence our youngsters. To such an extent, that I've concocted another name for such youth ailments — Milk and Cookie Disease (MCD). 

MCD comprises of ear, nose, and throat protestations that copy real contaminations and sickness because of sugar and dairy utilization before sleep time. 

A Sugary Scourge: Sinus Symptoms 

At the point when my family moved to Orlando last June following 10 superb years in Kansas City, I was uncertain of the commonness of Milk and Cookie Disease in Florida. Notwithstanding getting a charge out of a bustling surgery hone, I had the delight of helping Kansas and Missouri kids and families end their perpetual experiencing hack, runny nose, stuffy nose, intermittent croup, sinus contaminations, breathing troubles, sore throats, and different issues. I was resolved to proceed with my training in Orlando and Central Florida. 

A large number of youngsters have these sinus indications without fever or positive strep tests, are as yet ready to go to class despite the fact that they are "wiped out." I have met and treated incalculable kids who, in spite of seeing numerous experts and being treated with various nasal steroid splashes, sensitivity meds, inhalers, and different drugs, are still by one means or another unfit to totally dispose of their interminable side effects — the quintessence of Milk and Cookie Disease. 

So it is ambivalent for me to report that MCD is fit as a fiddle here in Florida. I am sure that it is common over our country and most likely influencing practically every tyke. Why? Since so a considerable lot of our youngsters are dependent on sugar, as well as drinking their weight in sugar! Actually! 

You Are What You Drink – and Eat – at Bedtime 

For quite a long while I have been telling families that drinking milk before bed is REALLY terrible for a kid or anybody following a year of age. Why? Envision drain sitting at 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of hours, blended with some stomach corrosive. It will most likely coagulate and frame yogurt-like clusters, and it would reflux be able to go down to the tyke's throat. Drinking milk with sugary snacks is a typical night and sleep time routine for American kids. 

I have invested years watching that when kids quit expending sugar and dairy in the nighttimes and before bed, many are totally "cured" of their ENT manifestations. Regardless of the possibility that they are not cured, at any rate it makes it clear to somebody like me what their genuine restorative issues might be. 

I will probably build guardians' mindfulness that late-night dairy and sugar are additionally the likely guilty parties in their children's heartburn. Alongside ENT and stomach related issues, intemperate sugar admission prompts weight, trailed by hypertension, and even diabetes. 

Including the Sugar Totals 

I trust MCD is an emergency, a genuine pestilence confronting our youngsters. When I began getting some information about their kids' eating methodologies the issue turned out to be clear. Such a large number of kids are eating and drinking more sugar than the greater part of us would esteem sound. I requested that guardians round out a poll about it: 

What does your tyke devour for the duration of the day on generally days? Check all that apply: 

Danimal or some kind of yogurt drink 


Cheddar "stick" 

Squeezed apple 


Sweet tea 


Squeezed orange and whatever other juice 



Presently rehash for what they get at childcare or in preschool… 

Consistently, in practically every center arrangement, I check the above rundown and after that I include the things to get the surmised number of grams of included sugar a youngster is devouring in a given day. 

A significant number of the youngsters I meet eat and drink between 150 to 200 grams of included sugar a day, and that is just tallying juices and enhanced drain! The human stomach related framework was never intended to process so much sugar, which implies that your tyke's stomach needs significantly more opportunity to get this stuff out of the stomach into the digestion tracts. So while that maturing sugar and handled fluid lounges around in the stomach (and gets more malodorous with every agonizing second) it can return up and cause manifestations that can misdirect specialists into treating asthma, sensitivities, or whatever else we think might not be right. 

The Sugar-Water Diet 

Each kid in America is in danger since they're unwittingly devouring a ludicrous and in the end dangerous measure of sugar each day in "pure" fluids that are essentially simply sugar water – juice boxes, pockets, lemonade, soft drinks, and sustained "water." 

Consistently I meet guardians who reveal to me that their 3, 5, 8, or 12 year old "won't drink water" or won't eat "products of the soil." This era of guardians has lost to the nourishment business and quit being responsible for their kid's eating and drinking propensities. Consistently I tell families, "If your kid won't drink water now, he or she will most likely not drink water over sugary beverages for the following 90 years… " 

Moving and practicing is vital, however let's get straight to the point. No youngster can move speedier and practice enough to consume every one of the calories devoured by chugging these sugary beverages (see my diagram underneath). Until the point that the administration and FDA venture in and manage helpfully bundled, very handled beverages with erroneously consoling names like "No Sugar Added," and "100% juice," our exclusive decision is to advise each parent to blacklist and stop this pestilence, and instruct our kids to settle on better decisions. 

Settle on Better Choices 

We are very occupied to consider what amount included sugar our kids are drinking each day, however this is the thing that we MUST get caught up with speculation about. Spare a kid. Display and support great eating and drinking conduct. Take your children to the supermarket and take a gander at the nourishment marks together to pick things bring down in sugar at whatever point conceivable. Cook at home. Eat well. Furthermore, if it's not too much trouble drink nature's ideal drink: water. 

I'm satisfied to report that I've imparted my vocation epiphany to innumerable families who are actualizing these recommendations, and many have seen their youngsters recoup into the solid bodies they were conceived with and limit interminable pharmaceutical utilize. Less time invested seeing specialists is more energy for the sake of entertainment, learning, and carrying on with a satisfied and extraordinary life. 

Sustenance IS the main extensive arrangement, and when joined forces with properly recommended medicines and surgeries, is the thing that America needs – and we required it yesterday. Enable your kids to be sound, today and consistently, by decreasing their fluid sugar admission, keeping away from drain and treats before sleep time, and taking a shot at living A Healthier Wei. 

Julie Wei, M.D., is a Pediatric Otolaryngologist who trusts each kid has the privilege to side effect free breathing and resting. She establishes out the frameworks for this eating regimen and way of life in her book, A Healthier Wei, and on her site. You can likewise discover Dr. Julie on Twitter and Facebook. 

Last Updated: 5/2/2014

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