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Thyroid Nodules - Topic Overview

What are thyroid knobs? 

Thyroid knobs are developments or protuberances in the thyroid organ in the front of your neck. This organ controls how your body utilizes vitality. Most thyroid knobs are not malignancy and don't bring about issues. Many don't require treatment. 

Once in a while a thyroid knob can bring about issues. Some of the time a knob can make excessively thyroid hormone. At the point when a knob makes excessively hormone, whatever is left of the organ is stifled and doesn't fill in as hard not surprisingly. 

Most thyroid knobs are not harmful. In any case, if tests indicate disease, surgery will be done to evacuate the knob. 

What causes thyroid knobs? 

It is not clear what causes thyroid knobs. Be that as it may, individuals who have been presented to radiation have a more prominent shot of getting them. Thyroid knobs are more typical as you age. Likewise, the knobs tend to keep running in families. So if your folks had thyroid knobs, you will probably have one. 

What are the side effects? 

#Most thyroid knobs are small to the point that you don't know you have one. 

#In the event that you have a major knob, you might have the capacity to feel it, or you may see swelling in your neck. It's conceivable that you may likewise: 

#Feel torment in your throat or feel like your throat is full. 

#Experience considerable difficulties. 

#Experience difficulty relaxing. 

#Feel anxious, have a quick pulse, sweat a ton, or get in shape. These are side effects of hyperthyroidism, where the thyroid organ makes excessively thyroid hormone. 

How are thyroid knobs analyzed? 

The vast majority don't discover thyroid knobs all alone, on the grounds that the knobs aren't anything but difficult to feel and don't for the most part cause manifestations. Your specialist may have found a knob on your thyroid when you were having a CT output or ultrasound for another reason. Your specialist will do a physical exam and will inquire as to whether you have manifestations or any adjustments by they way you've been feeling. 

You may have tests to perceive how well your thyroid is functioning and to ensure the knob is not tumor. Conceivable tests include: 

#A blood test to check the level of thyroid hormone in your body. 

#A thyroid sweep, which utilizes radioactive material and a camera to get data about your thyroid organ and knobs. This is done if the level of thyroid hormone is high. Another test called a take-up sweep should be possible in the meantime to perceive how well your thyroid organ is functioning. 

#Fine-needle yearning, which expels a little measure of material from the knob. The material is checked for tumor cells. 

#Thyroid ultrasound, to see the number and size of knobs or to find the knob for fine-needle yearning. 

How are they treated? 

On the off chance that your knob is not growth (benevolent) and is not bringing on issues, your specialist will watch your knob nearly for any progressions. In any case, if the knob is substantial or creating issues with gulping or breathing, you'll require surgery to expel the knob. 

In the event that your thyroid knob is bringing about hyperthyroidism, your specialist may suggest a measurements of radioactive iodine, which ordinarily arrives in a fluid that you swallow. Or, then again your specialist may have you take solution (antithyroid pills) to back off the hormone creation. Now and again, surgery might be done to evacuate an overactive thyroid knob. 

On the off chance that your knob is growth (dangerous), you'll require surgery to expel the knob. You may likewise require treatment with radioactive iodine to devastate any extra growth cells. After surgery, you may need to take thyroid solution for whatever is left of your life.

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