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Symptoms Vaginal bleeding after sex Definition & Causes

Vaginal seeping after sex is normal and can happen when you're not bleeding or don't hope to discharge. In spite of the fact that it's regularly called "vaginal" dying, the term alludes to seeping from the vagina and in addition seeping from different parts of your genital and urinary frameworks. 

Vaginal seeping after sex happens regularly in more youthful, premenopausal ladies and doesn't really imply that you have to see a specialist. However, vaginal seeping after sex in more established, postmenopausal ladies is less normal and warrants a visit to your specialist to discover what's bringing about it. 
In premenopausal ladies, the wellspring of vaginal seeping after sex is normally the cervix — the thin, bring down end of the uterus. Indeed, even with a totally solid cervix, enough grinding or gentle injury amid sex can bring about some dying. Aggravation of the cervix or some other variation from the norm, a large portion of which are innocuous, can likewise bring about dying. Once in a while, however, vaginal seeping after sex is an indication of a sexually transmitted contamination. 
In postmenopausal ladies, vaginal seeping after sex may emerge from the opening of the bladder (urethral meatus), the external opening of the vagina (labia) or the uterus, and the cervix. 
Conceivable reasons for vaginal seeping after sex include: 
.Placenta previa 
.Cervical ectropion, a condition in which the internal covering of the cervix distends through the cervical opening and develops on the vaginal piece of the cervix 
.Cervical polyps, noncancerous (amiable) developments on your cervix 
.Cervicitis (irritation of the cervix) 
.Grinding amid sex 
.Genital bruises that outcome from sexually transmitted diseases, for example, genital herpes or syphilis 
.Lacking oil or foreplay 
.Harm to the uterine covering (endometrium) amid intercourse, particularly in ladies taking oral contraceptives 
.Typical uterine dying, in case you're quite recently starting your period or in the event that it has quite recently finished 
.Injury from sexual mishandle 
.Vaginal decay 
.Vaginal dryness 
In case you're premenopausal and you have vaginal seeping after sex now and again, it most likely isn't something to get excessively stressed over. Vaginal seeping after sex could show cervical malignancy, yet in the event that you've had ordinary outcomes on routine Pap tests, it's more probable that the draining outcomes from a noncancerous (amiable) condition. 
In case you're postmenopausal, be that as it may, vaginal seeping of any kind is strange and should be assessed to discover the cause. After menopause, vaginal decay (atrophic vaginitis) or different conditions related with vaginal dryness are the in all probability reasons for vaginal seeping after sex, yet it could likewise be brought on by other, more genuine conditions.

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