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Symptoms Bent penis Definition & Causes


A few men have a penis that bends to the side, upward or descending when erect. This is normal, and a bowed penis in most men isn't an issue. By and large, a twisted penis is just a reason for concern if your erections are agonizing or if the ebb and flow of your penis meddles with sex. 


When you turn out to be sexually stimulated, blood streams into wipe like spaces inside your penis, extending and hardening it. A bowed penis for the most part happens when these spaces don't grow uniformly. Regularly, this is because of ordinary contrasts in penis life structures, yet once in a while scar tissue or another issue causes a bowed penis and agonizing erections. 

Conceivable fundamental reasons for a bowed penis include: 

.Ordinary contrasts in penis life structures 

.Immune system issue 

.Acquired sinewy tissue (collagen) anomaly 

.Damage to the penis 

.Peyronie's illness (a bended erection brought about by one of various basic conditions)

When to see a doctor

A bent penis usually doesn't require treatment. However, if you have a severely bent penis that causes pain or interferes with sex, see a doctor. You might need to see a doctor who specializes in sexual and urinary problems (urologist).

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