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Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes: Trying to Find The Motivation for Tight Blood Sugar Management

Ugh. That is the manner by which I right now feel about the truth that I'm scarcely 14.5 weeks (at the time this was composed, over a week back) into my second pregnancy as a mother with type 1 diabetes… which implies there resemble… ugh… a great deal of weeks left. (I'm sparing my diabetes math for insulin computations, approve?)

My A1C is correct where it has been for as far back as quite a long while: 6.1 percent. Which is "Hurray!" and well inside "solid pregnancy run," however amid my first pregnancy, I was on the ball. My blood sugars were between 70 to 130 mg/dL around 70 percent of the day, underneath 70 mg/dL for around 8 to 10 percent for the day, or more 130 mg/dL for whatever remains of it.

I pre-bolused my suppers likewise. I checked my carbs painstakingly. I took little redress dosages of insulin for blood sugars sitting only somewhat over 130 mg/dL. I ate little measures of carbs to bring a glucose drifting just underneath 70 mg/dL up to 80 mg/dL.

Amid my first pregnancy, my A1C was somewhere around 5.1 and 5.7 percent. Something I never knew I could achieve–something I'd never at any point attempted to accomplish before pregnancy, really. It was genuinely low maintenance work… more so than overseeing type 1 diabetes as of now is all the time. In any case, it was possible since I had no other youngsters, I worked all day from home so my calendar was exceptionally adaptable, I had a lot of time for the rec center, and my exclusive genuine duties were strolling the pooches in the forested areas a few times each day… and you know, cleaning the house, cooking supper, whatever blah. Exhausting stuff.

This time is distinctive.

For one thing, my fibromyalgia is far, far, significantly more touchy. Before I even knew I was pregnant, strolling on the treadmill all of a sudden made my legs feel like J-E-LL-O being gradually decimated in the microwave, even after only 20 minutes. Furthermore, the depletion I felt soon thereafter sent all the warnings of a "Nope, that is not alright for your fibro constrains at this moment, mom!" So I've must be amazingly watchful with my practice use to forestall activating genuine flare-ups, sparing the vast majority of my vitality for Mama Duties, Mama PlayTime, and Playing in the Snow with Lucy.

This time I likewise have a senseless, silly, laughing little baby wrapped around my legs for the majority of the day. Her name is Lucy. She's the result of the Pregnancy #1. She's outrageously adorable (more often than not).

As much fun as Lucy seems to be, she truly doesn't motivate me to fixate on my second pregnancy the way I did with my first. It simply isn't conceivable. What's more, despite the fact that I know my A1C is exceptionally sound and adequate where it is, I know my blood sugars are not about as steady as they were with Lucy, and I know it'll be a marvel in the event that I get my A1C down to 5.7 percent. I know pre-bolusing in the third trimester when you need to consider what will eat about 45 minutes before you eat it will feel by incomprehensible when I'm juggling the unconventional needs of a senseless yet-cute baby.

What's more, the option of my steadily enduring Acid Reflux From Hell that will probably go with me for the span of this "voyage" is not adding to my gung-ho-ness.

Rather than feeling gung-ho and pleased with myself for hanging close to 6.0, I feel kind of awful that this child wouldn't get the ultra-additional care that my first infant got while still in my comfortable little womb. (It's extremely comfortable, fixed with Vermont Flannel and everything.)

As I approach my diabetes administration for the duration of the day, I get myself persistently needing to simply moan and feign exacerbation. Notwithstanding when the quantity of the screen says precisely what it should, it just feels like, "Ugh. Blah. I simply would prefer even not to consider this."

Be that as it may, I will, obviously. Will keep on thinking about it and ideally not see my A1C get any higher than 6.1 percent. (Something lets me know will need to begin pre-bolusing much more tenaciously about a month from now in the event that I truly need to keep a 6.2 from coming about.)

Perhaps as opposed to attempting to feel "gung-ho," I have to another catchphrase. Yeehaw?

Go get them, tiger?

Gurrrrrrrrl, you got this!

I'll consider something. Meanwhile, time for another prick of the ol' finger for that small little baby. I know he or she will be justified regardless of each ounce of exertion I do marshal… I simply wish I could hit the quick forward catch.

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