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How to Find pregnancy? Confirmation of Pregnancy

When a young married woman misses her periods for the first time after marriage, the first diagnosis should be pregnancy. For it cannot be any other reason! This best method to confirm this, is to get her urine tested i.e. examination of the urine involves a chemical test based on the excretion of a glycoprotein hormone namely HCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin).

Pregnancy Test Kit

This is produced by the trophoblast which are the foetal cells in early blastocyst stage of the embryo. This plays an important part in the immunological test i.e. a 2 minutes test which is almost 90% confirmation with a fallacy of 2-7%. This test belongs to the 'Do it yourself' home test kits which have a relatively low false positive rate but a high false negative rate. Serum test for HCG is a 100% positive test which can be done in a registered laboratory. The confirmation of pregnancy is further substantiated by ultra-sound, and follow up.

Let me first tell you all about the normal pregnancy before going into its pathological aspects. Every woman likes to bear a child of her own and prove her worth. Mothers should always endeavour to think, speak and indulge in good things so that they have a healthy impression of the new born.

Further evaluation of the pregnancy is done by ultrasound follow up, where the pregnancy sac is visualised around the 35th to the 38th and the 41st day and the fetal heart is established around the 45th day. Once the fetal heart is seen, the pregnancy is truly confirmed and hopefully continues till term!

Early Pregnancy (6 weeks) shown in Ultrasound

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