Saturday, 21 January 2017

Difficulties in ART Programme!

These ART procedures are very expensive. When done abroad, cost ranges any where from 2-5 Lakhs/cycle with no guarantee of success. Intra Uterine insemination (IUI) procedures costs any where from 10 to 15 thousand rupees. The equipments used in these procedures are very expensive and they all need to be imported. Maintenance is difficult and time consuming with very few service personnel in India. A lot of customs duty is to be paid on import. There is absolutely no government aid given for these items.

Therefore ART procedures are very expensive and the exact amount spent cannot be charged to an average Indian couple. So I am doing these procedures as a service to the desperate and childless couple and the charge is kept at the minimum. The doctor fees are not charge at each level unlike in countries abroad were each step of the procedure is charged. Our service to humanity to ART programmes is totally free. When a patient fails in a particular cycle no money can be refunded, since the items already used cannot be refused. These procedures are like lottery and who is going to win or lose is each one's destiny. There are times when there are a series of successful pregnancies and also when the pregnancies are nil. It all depends on the type of patient, the receptivity of the uterus, the quality of the gamete (egg and sperm) and the embryo. The team goes through all the anxiety and hardship as the patient does. We too get extremely depressed. We are there to console you,. Who is going to console us?. Due to extreme depression if we decide to stop the programme, what can anyone do? So be cheerful during a failure and have faith in us and we will turn heaven and earth and see that you conceive one day! Since the work load is heavy in the hospital we may not spend the time you expect us to spend with you. It is the quality rather than the quantity of time, we spend with you that gives a high success rate.

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