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How Thick Is Your Blood?

In case you're at all worried about heart wellbeing, you most likely have a decent comprehension of cholesterol and circulatory strain, and likely know your numbers. However, there might be another basic blood-related issue to consider — blood consistency, or blood thickness. As indicated by a wellbeing report from Harvard University, individuals with thicker, more gooey blood might be at a more serious hazard for a heart assault or for creating coronary illness. 

That was the situation for Sarah Klena, a teacher in Orange County, Fla. Notwithstanding carrying on with a sound, dynamic way of life, she showed some kindness assault at age 31. Her specialists associated blood thickness carried part with the fault. "The specialists aren't generally certain what brought on it, in spite of the fact that they said I have the stickier sort of blood," she says. "I was a runner and ate really well before the heart assault, so from that point forward I've recently attempted to focus on anything that enhances my wellbeing, similar to needle therapy, knead, yoga, reflection, and, obviously, running." 

Blood Thickness: What You Need to Know 

On the off chance that you didn't know the part blood thickness plays in heart wellbeing, you're not the only one. The vast majority have no clue how thick their blood is, nor do they know how to make it more slender. Be that as it may, it's something that ought to be on the vast majority's radar for heart wellbeing, says Mary Ann Bauman, MD, a national doctor representative for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women development. 

"For general heart wellbeing, having an ordinary consistency would be perfect," clarifies Dr. Bauman. "Consistency means that the "thickness" of the blood, or its imperviousness to streaming typically. At the point when the blood is thicker, it moves drowsily; there is an expanded hazard for red cells to cling to each other and shape clumps, and for there not to be sufficient oxygenation in an offered time to zones, for example, the legs or the cerebrum, and to essential organs. The heart will work harder to pump the required oxygen to the body." She says that blood consistency can expand on account of many variables, for example, certain prescriptions, excessively numerous red platelets, high lipid levels, and different conditions, including diabetes and disease. 

There are tests to check for thick blood, yet they're seldom utilized routinely — "it is generally done in patients who have blood malignancies," says Bauman. 

Be that as it may, there are hints that you might be at hazard for a blood consistency issue. In the event that you have other heart medical issues like blood clusters or elevated cholesterol, or you're a standard smoker, then the odds are likewise great that your blood may be more gooey than it ought to be, notes Sriram Padmanabhan, MD, a cardiologist at the MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center in Baltimore. 

What You Can Do About Viscous Blood 

The uplifting news is that methodologies to enhance blood consistency are not very not the same as those for general heart wellbeing. "Practice certainly helps the blood stream better by enhancing the wellbeing of the conduits, diminishing circulatory strain, and decreasing cholesterol, among different advantages," says Dr.. "Stopping smoking goes far in enhancing general wellbeing, diminishing the thickening capacity of blood and lessening the possibility of a heart assault. Diminishing fat in our eating regimen, getting thinner, holding cholesterol within proper limits, and holding pulse under tight control all help specifically and in a roundabout way in decreasing the shot of heart assaults, which is basically identified with blood stream." 

At the point when these measures aren't sufficient, you may need to depend taking drugs and different rules from your specialist to lessen your hazard. "As a rule, the capacity of blood to stream effectively and to clump fittingly is controlled by hereditary qualities," includes Padmanabhan. "A few patients will require particular medicines and drugs to improve their blood stream." Schedule general meetings with your specialist to audit your dangers and secure your heart health.

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