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Osteoporosis is basic in Australia, particularly among moderately aged to elderly ladies. It is a condition where bone thickness decreases after some time. Less thick bones are more permeable and weak, which extraordinarily expands the possibility of torment breaks or cracks. Osteoporosis has no cure, yet it is preventable. Taking after these 4 straightforward tips can diminish your danger of osteoporosis. 

1. Increment CALCIUM INTAKE 

Calcium is the absolute most vital supplement for creating and keep up solid, sound bones. Grown-up guys require around 1000mg of calcium every day, and ladies require ~1300mg. Youngsters and breastfeeding ladies can require up to 1500mg a day… that is what might as well be called 5 glasses of drain. Eating an assortment of sustenances can help you increment your calcium consumption, yet in the event that you are particularly worried about getting enough calcium every day, you may get a kick out of the chance to attempt a calcium supplement to best up calcium levels and give your bones the nourishment they require. 

2. Increment VITAMIN D INTAKE. 

Vitamin D expands the measure of calcium our body can retain. There's no reason for expanding your calcium consumption if your body essentially isn't adequately engrossing that extra calcium. 

Vitamin D is delivered by our body when we get immediate daylight on our skin. In the event that you don't invest energy in the sun every day, you may get a kick out of the chance to attempt a Vitamin D3 supplement to beat your step up and bolster calcium retention. Numerous calcium supplements as of now have included Vitamin D. 


There are a few reviews that demonstrate that weight bearing activity (eg/strolling or running) can increment/keep up bone thickness long haul. Be that as it may, don't try too hard – different reviews demonstrate that over-preparing can bring about a drop in estrogen in females. Low estrogen levels are a hazard figure for weak, permeable bones. 

4. Increment VITAMIN K-2 

The University of Maryland Medical Center site ( takes note of that low vitamin K2 levels people have been found in individual with osteoporosis. It is suspected that Vitamin K-2 helps calcium tie to bones… like vitamin D, vitamin K2 can help your body get more out of the dietary calcium that you are taking in.

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