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Top 11 Yoga Exercise Postures for Weight Loss this Summer

These days there is an astonishing scope of workouts which are incredible for your physical prosperity. Few help you to get in shape in a month, few help you to tone up, and few others are there to assemble your stamina and continuance. Be that as it may, yoga helps you to quiet down, and targets both your body and psyche! In this day and age where the pace is viewed as advance, yoga is by all accounts something far expelled from today's excited world. There are numerous medical advantages of yoga and particularly in the mid year months we should take the assistance of yoga to reestablish and revive ourselves! 

 Weight Loss?

Yoga, an Ancient Science Said to Restore a Sense of Peace and Serenity 

What does yoga accomplish for you? It does as such numerous things that it is hard to put it inside the imperatives of twenty-six letters. You ought to condition yourself or make yourself see how yoga can help you reestablish and revive, particularly in the sultry summers, when a wide range of workouts appear to be burdening for you. Loss of vitality and critical supplements from the body through sweat, makes you feel frail and ruined. Attempt these tips to chill this sultry summer by doing yoga! 

Do inhale works out Breathing activities help you to quiet your clanked nerves. You are all worked up in the persistent warmth attempting to finish your errands and achieving it inside the stipulated time, couple of basic breathing strategies, some portion of yoga for tenderfoots, can help you battle with the searing warmth better! 

Drink more water-Stay hydrated; drink more water, while doing yoga postures. Remaining hydrated may quiet you and help you to get the greatest advantages of yoga. 

Back off your yoga postures Slow down and attempt and join yoga stances which are not all that exhausting on the body. The thought is to revive your body, in the most ideal way that is available. 

Following a prolonged day yoga helps you to loosen up Yes, yoga helps you to loosen up like no other. Following a tumultuous day resting in the Shavasana posture, keeps you quiet and peaceful. 

Yoga Poses to keep you Calm and Unruffled 

Practices which help you unwind yet shed pounds, are the ones which do a great deal of good to your body. Does yoga smolder fat? Is that expected to be the top thing at the forefront of your thoughts when you take up this antiquated practice? Yes, it does and suits any sort of individual and at any age! Rehearse these yoga postures to disperse the warmth and chill off to beat the sultry climate. 


It accomplishes adjust, center, memory, focus and does a great deal of useful for the body, particularly amid the late spring months. 

While standing, attempt and curve the right knee, moving all the weight into the left leg. 

Swing to the right divider, resting the heel of the left leg. 

Attempt to look down at the floor and gaze at a certain point. 

Gradually facilitate your right foot up the left leg, just as high up as you can keep up your adjust and are agreeable. 

When you are adjusted here, gradually unite the palms as though in a petition position before the heart. 

Continue gazing at your point of convergence on the floor. Keep, the left leg solid squeezing the foot into the floor. 

Keep the right knee twisted 90 degrees towards the side divider. 

The shoulders are down and back and the mid-section ought to press forward. Inhale and hold for 4-8 breaths. 

Step by step instructions to discharge the extend: 

Breathe out, discharge your arms down through Angli Mudra (Joining palms of the hands together) then discharge the right foot. 

Rehash on another side. 


It is a compelling activity for weight reduction and it helps the body to be adaptable and diminish fat from the abdomen.

In a standing position, put your feet separated as much in arrangement to the width of your shoulders. 

Keep your body very much adjusted on both your legs. 

Take a full breath internal and now move your left hand to the back and put it on the right half of your hip. 

Your right hand ought to now stop on the shoulder of your left arm. 

Augment your look in reverse however much as could be expected. 

Proceed in this stance for some time and take in and out regularly. 

Come back to your underlying position in the wake of letting out your breath. 

A similar arrangement should now be possible on your body on the opposite side, too. 


It gives a decent extend to the sides of the body and the spine. It likewise helps you to soothe your back agony, significantly. 

Stand straight with feet about hip width remove separated and arms resting close by the body. 

Take in and raise the left arm up so that the fingers point towards the roof. 

Inhale out and curve to one side, first from the spine, and after that move your pelvis to one side and twist somewhat more. Keep your left arm indicating in the upward bearing. 

Turn your go to gaze toward the left palm. Rectify the elbows. 

Taking in, rectify your body go down. 

Breathing out, cut the left arm down. 

Rehash with the right arm. 


This asana conditions the stomach area, enhances absorption, unwinds the brain and subsequently is incredible for the mid year season. 

Gone onto your fours, similar to a feline. Shape a table to such an extent that your back structures the table top and your hands and feet from the legs of the table. 

Keep your arms opposite to the floor, with the hands straightforwardly under the shoulders and level on the ground; your knees ought to be hip-width separated. 

Look straight ahead. 

As you breathe in, raise your button and tilt your head back, push your navel downwards and raise your tailbone. Pack your rear end. 

Hold the Cat stance and take long, full breaths. 

Take after this by a counter development: As you breathe out, drop your jaw to your mid-section and curve your go down as much as you can; unwind the bum, similar to a camel. 

Hold this stance for a few moments before you come back to the underlying table-like stage. 

Proceed with five or six balances before you happen to this yoga pose. 

Tip from the Art of Living Yoga master: When you do the development gradually and nimbly, its impact is all the more effective and thoughtful. 


It enhances adaptability in the hip locale. It additionally expels weariness from extended periods of standing and sitting. It helps in digestive tract and solid discharges.

Sit with your spine erect and legs spread straight before you. 

Presently twist your knees and bring your feet towards the pelvis. The soles of your feet ought to touch each other. 

Snatch your feet firmly with your hands. You may put the hands underneath the feet for support. 

Attempt to convey the heels as near the thighs as would be prudent. 

Take a full breath in. Breathing out, press the thighs and knees descending towards the floor. Endeavor to continue squeezing them descending, tenderly. 

Presently begin fluttering both the legs here and there like the wings of a butterfly. Begin moderate and step by step increment the speed. Continue breathing typically all through. 

Fly increasingly elevated, as quick as you easily can. Back off and afterward stop. Take a full breath in and as you breathe out, curve forward, keeping the button up and spine straight. 

Press your elbows on the thighs or on the knees, pushing the knees and thighs nearer to the floor. 

Feel the extend in the internal thighs and take long, full breaths, unwinding the muscles increasingly. 

Take a full breath in and bring the middle up. 

As you breathe out, tenderly discharge the stance. Fix the legs before you and unwind, in an agreeable position. 


This is an amazing asana, which should be possible post your supper likewise, as it helps assimilation. 

It helps in the absorption procedure. 

Sitting in this stance helps in lessening the hip territory impressively. 

It helps in disposing of clogging. 

It battles stomach issue. 

A couple of minutes of Vajrasana and you can feel the mind quieting down, there is a feeling of quiet and prosperity. It in this way helps you in unwinding. 

It helps in expanding the blood course in the body. 

It helps in weight reduction. 

Vajrasana is an establishment posture and from that stance, different stances should be possible. 

It helps in the curing of urinary issue. 

It helps in making the lower body entirely adaptable. 

It additionally helps in curing causticity. 

It helps in reinforcing the sexual organs. 

It helps in conditioning of body muscles like the hips, thighs and the calf muscles. 

It helps in curing different body illnesses, as varicose veins and joint torments. 

This stance is a powerful posture for individuals experiencing joint inflammation. 


This yoga asana, otherwise called the lion stance is an embodiment of every single physical advantage of yoga. It regularizes all throat issue like thyroid, tonsillitis and that's just the beginning.

Sit with your knees twisted and spread. 

Put your hands on your knees 

Take a full breath and hold your breath for a few moments. 

Breathe out commandingly with a thundering sound like a lion and flicking your tongue out and open your eyes to the greatest with cocked eyebrows. 

Rehash this for around 4-5 times. 

Knead your throat in the wake of completing the Sinhasana posture. 


Otherwise called the bunny posture; it gives the abdominal area a decent extend and helps in unwinding the body pleasantly. 

Sit in Vajrasana, the Thunderbolt posture or the stooping stance. Put your hands on the thighs and take in a casual way. 

Raise both your hands over the head, palms confronting forward. The arms ought to be in accordance with the shoulders. 

Gradually twist down and present the hands, till the hands and temple touch the ground. Breathe out while you are twisting forward. 

In the last position, the temple and hands lay on the ground. Rest in this position for whatever length of time that you are agreeable. In the last position, moderate cadenced and loose breathing should be possible. 

Breathe out gradually and return to the beginning position (stooping stance). 

Rehash this procedure for 5 to 10 rounds contingent upon time and solace. 


It takes after a haggle the back and the muscular strength. These yoga stances and advantages ought to be remembered, as it goes about as comfort to an exhausted body and psyche. 

Rests on your back with hands serenely put as an afterthought. 

Twist your knees and convey your heels as near the rear end as could be allowed. The heels ought to be around 1 foot separated. 

Presently raise your hands and convey it back beside the ears. Put the palms on the floor with the fingers guiding towards the shoulders. 

Lift your body up with the support of the palms and the feet. 

Pivot the head marginally, so that your look is towards the floor. 

Extend your thighs and shoulders. In the last position, your body resembles a curve, practically like a wheel. 

Keep up this position, as per your ability. 

To discharge the position, bring down your body till it touches the ground. Rectify your legs. Hands can backpedal to the first position to the sides. 

Chakrasana ought to be trailed by forward bowing stances to neutralize the weight made by the back curve. 

Chakrasana ought to be evaded by those agony from heart afflictions, hypertension, vertigo and the individuals who have experienced late surgeries. 


It is the most essential stance, yet it restores the body, brain and soul, and additionally slowly wipes out anxiety and its related indications. 

Lie on your back; let the arms and legs open up with the arms around 45 degrees from the side of your body. Guarantee that you are warm and agreeable in the event that you have to place covers under or over your body. 

Close the eyes, and take moderate, full breaths through the nose. Permit your entire body to end up delicate and overwhelming, giving it a chance to unwind into the floor. As the body unwinds, feel the entire body rising and falling with every breath. 

Filter the body from the toes to the fingers to the crown of the head, paying special mind to strain, and contracted muscles. Deliberately discharge and unwind any ranges that you find, gradually and doubtlessly. In the event that you have to, shake or squirm some portion of your body from side to side to energize facilitate discharge. 

Discharge all control of the breath, the psyche, and the body. Give your body a chance to dive further and more profound into a condition of aggregate unwinding. 

Remain in Shavasana for around 5 to 15 minutes. 

To discharge: gradually develop the breath, squirm the fingers and toes, achieve the arms over your head and extend the entire body, tranquilly breathe out, twist the knees into the mid-section and move over to the other side coming into a fetal position. When you are great, gradually breathe in up to a situated position once more. 

Shitali Pranayama 

As the name recommends, it cools the body, hoisting the body into a profound condition of serenity and unwinding. Rehearse in the most smoking summer months and feel an inborn feeling of prosperity.

Sit in a comfortable position with palms on the knees..

Roll the tongue from the sides so that it forms a narrow tube. The tongue is folded from both the sides and the edges almost meet at the center on the top.
Breathe in slowly. First, fill the abdomen, then the chest and finally the neck region. This is the complete yogic breath.

Pull the tongue inside the mouth and close the mouth.

Bend the neck forward to do the chin lock.

Hold the breath for some time, as much as you are comfortable.

Release and let out the breath slowly through the nose.

The summer months can be taxing, especially when your body is perpetually in a state of stress, combating the intolerable heat and other challenges that life throws at you. Give yoga a try; it is a magic concoction which releases you from the shackles of stress and tension. This summer, introduce yourself to the benefits of yoga and you will remain unfazed and cool during the torrid months.

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