Friday, 18 November 2016

Planning for Pregnancy with Diabetes

As a mother now to two minimal ones, I know and recollect the dread and stress that I had from a youthful age about pregnancy. Whether I could get to be pregnant by any means? Would my child be alright? What difficulties would I confront? 

Numerous ladies living with diabetes confront these same stresses and fears. Simply look in any Facebook aggregate for women with type 1 diabetes and you'll see huge amounts of inquiries, explanations of stress or dread, and bunches of well wishes, salutary remarks, and virtual embraces drifting around. 

That is the reason I was eager to see an email from none other than Miss America 1999, Nicole Johnson herself, declaring another online asset from Bringing Home Science. A site committed to ladies living with type 1 diabetes who are hoping to end up pregnant called Moms With T1D. They now have another video arrangement featuring Sarah Mason and her significant other, and tails them along their pregnancy travel, from pre-pregnancy wanting to conveyance. Here's their first video:

it’s encouraging to see others bringing more awareness to pregnancy with type 1 diabetes; bringing hope, encouragement, and letting women know that it is possible! And really, what a wonderful, fitting tagline: She Believed She Could… So She Did.

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