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Home Remedies for Head Lice In Natural Ayurveda

Lice are little bugs which live in human and creature's hair and get by on a little amount of blood sucked from the scalp. They are truly troublesome as they cause a considerable measure of tingling and look exceptionally gross. This is a typical issue among children, particularly young ladies between ages of five to twelve. 

 Head Lice

It is found that lice can lessen future of the patient. Lice can transmit microbial illnesses, make bothering and irritation in the head. Again, if a solitary part is influenced by lice, greatest probability is there all individuals from the family and who ever comes in contact of the individual will likewise be influenced. Consequently it is encouraged to make quick move when pervaded with lice. 

Indications of Lice in the hair 

They are little yet can be seen with eyes. They can be in 2 frames: 

Lice eggs: They look like modest dabs, for the most part chestnut in shading. These are laid by the lice close to the scalp advertisement these stay warm before they incubate. They can't be evacuated by brushing of the hair or shaking the hair. 

Lice (grown-up and fairies): The mite is greater than the eggs and is dark in shading. It is the span of a sesame seed.Nymphs are littler and get to be grown-up lice in 1-2 weeks. 


At the point when the mite nibbles, it causes tingling and scratching. The spit of lice responds with the scalp and causes tingling. Kids grumble of something moving in their mind or tickling sensation in their mind. 

Scratches or bruises from scratching 

If there should be an occurrence of a few children, the disturbance is mellow however at times, it might be additionally bringing about him/her to scratch constantly. Overabundance scratching causes bacterial disease and rashes. 

One must counsel with the specialist on the off chance that the tyke gripes about this issue and the specialist will have the capacity to treat this well. Likewise, it is essential to converse with the teacher to guarantee that the children in a similar school are being dealt with for lice. 

Lice are infectious and spread starting with one individual then onto the next. They can climb and go through hair and spread basically from straight on contact. 


The specialist will for the most part instruct you to utilize a cured cleanser which will murder the lice in the hair. It will even now require some investment for tingling to stop totally. The specialist will propose that you utilize the moisturizer or cleanser and after that utilization a thin brush to evacuate the lice. 

The lice can likewise be expelled by hand. This can be rehearsed on the off chance that the kid is lesser than 2 years old and he scalp is extremely delicate. One can utilize a thin brush accessible in the market to evacuate the nits on wet hair of the youngsters. 

Home Remedies 

Utilizing lemon juice and almonds: Crush 10 peeled almonds and blend well with 4 tbsp. of lemon juice, make a glue and apply this on your scalp. Leave this on the scalp for 30 min. Wash with ordinary water. 

Onions: Crush onions (5-7) and press the glue over a sifter. Utilize this juice to rub over the scalp. Give it a chance to remain for 1 hour and after that wash with water. 

Join 10-15 drops of tea-tree oil with rosemary oil and 10 drops of lemon. Rub this blend on the scalp and wash off following 60 minutes.

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