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Hiv/Aids And Yoga

Helps remains for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and it is brought on by an infection called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV illness gets to be AIDS when the invulnerable framework is truly harmed. 

A great many people get the HIV infection by having intercourse with a contaminated individual, offering a needle to somebody who's tainted regular among medication addicts), being conceived when the mother is contaminated, or drinking the bosom drain of a tainted lady. 

Instantly subsequent to getting contaminated by the infection the vast majority have no manifestations. After the underlying influenza like side effects, a few people remain solid for a long time or more. Be that as it may, amid this time, HIV is harming the resistant framework. 

One approach to quantify the harm to the resistant framework is to include CD4 cells the blood which shape a critical part of the invulnerable framework. Sound individuals have somewhere around 500 and 1,500 CD4 cells in milliliter of blood. In the event that the CD4 cell tally goes down to under 200 then the body gets to be unequipped for battling alternate germs (crafty diseases) that may enter the body and this stage is called AIDS. Rehashed diseases by microorganisms, infections, growths or parasites can prompt to genuine weight reduction, cerebrum and skin malignancy, and other medical issues. Without treatment, these crafty contaminations can be deadly. 

Helps is diverse in each tainted individual. A few people pass on not long after in the wake of getting tainted, while others live genuinely typical lives for a long time, even after they "authoritatively" have AIDS. A couple HIV-constructive individuals remain sound for a long time even without taking hostile to HIV solutions. 

There is no cure for AIDS. A month ago there was a report of one individual in UKwho had cured himself of the sickness which is the principal case ever reported in the therapeutic literature.There are medications that can back off the HIV infection, and back off the harm to resistant framework. There are different medications that can avert or treat sharp diseases 


What can yoga accomplish for these subjects? 

Avoidance is superior to cure. Solid propensities for routine of sex in the correct way recommended and acknowledged by dharma can annihilate this issue. Yoga takes us to the central question of why does man go in for sex? It is for getting the excite and satisfaction as this is the best of the sense joys known to man.Tattiriya upanisad goes to the degree of saying that at whatever point we are in a condition of bliss because of any sense joy we touch the wellspring of quiet inside us which is only the holiness that is lethargic in every last one of us. Consequently one should appreciate sex as an appearance of godliness with love and a sentiment love which will take away all wrong practices of sex. 

Additionally for dependence on substance mishandle yoga has a message. By observing the holiness even in that joy, the youths who are attracted to these wrong practices may utilize these unsafe medications just to analysis this truth with adoration and never wind up turning into a fiend. 

Avoidance of this sickness is based on instructing proficient sex specialists in our nation which is a major issue in light of the related illiteracy.Yoga can be an awesome help to these young ladies as they need authority over their way of life ( their mind ) to work as a capable individual in the general public. 

Can yoga help HIV tainted people? 

We under took an exploration extend a year ago as a team with college of sanfransico and contemplated the part of yoga to help people with HIV who go to an administration association in Bangalore called " "samraksha" which is doing yeomen administration to these people. THEY WERE TAUGHT SIMPLE YOGASANA, PRANAYAMA AND MEDITATION WITH DEEP RELAXATION TO THE MIND BODY COMPLEX. The outcomes demonstrated that their CD4 checks had expanded and the viral load had diminished following two months of practice when contrasted with the individuals who proceeded with the routine strong treatment at samraksha. The outcomes additionally demonstrated decreased anxiety levels and better personal satisfaction with a sentiment prosperity .The reports of people who took an interest in this program was that they profited a great deal in their fearlessness and could adapt much better to their requesting life circumstances and the social troubles they needed to confront. This demonstrates notwithstanding when the resistant framework is irritated by the perilous infection one has the ability to fortify and increment their invulnerability by giving profound rest to the cells and leaving worry through yoga hones. We are proceeding with this administration to even the AIDS patients who are extremely wiped out. 


Beginning Position: Padmasana. 

.With the assistance of the hands come up on to the knees and gradually drop down onto the belly. Put the jaw on the floor. Bring the arms behind the back and put the palms together with the fingers guiding towards the head. 

.Lie totally level on the floor and attempt to unwind the entire body. Inhale discreetly and tenderly and hold this position for quite a while. 

.Gradually come back to the beginning position. 

Alert: This Asana ought not be polished with agony in the his, knees or shoulders, or when there are issues of the cervical spine.

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