Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Can Fish 'Prasadam' Really be a Cure to Asthma?

Angle 'prasadam', which is accepted to cure asthma, was on Wednesday regulated to a large number of patients who came here from different parts of the nation. 

Individuals from Bathini Goud family were directing the fish loaded down with a home grown glue - supposedly accepted to be a cure for asthma and other breathing diseases. The solution, which the family has been conveying for a long time, comprises of a yellow home grown glue, the elements of which have remained a family mystery. The glue is initially stuffed into a live three centimeter-long murrel angle that is then snuck past the throat of the patient. 

The program, which started on Wednesday morning at the Exhibition Grounds in Nampally, will proceed for 24 hours. In the midst of expound game plans made by police and different divisions, the dispersion of "prasadam" started at 8 a.m., denoting the start of Mrigasira Karthi or the onset of storm. Regardless of it being a subject of discussion, patients slipped here in the trust of discovering some help to their pestering respiratory issues through the "wonder sedate". 

Police set up partitioned lines for ladies, physically-tested and senior nationals to guarantee smooth lead of the yearly occasion. A sum of 32 counters were set up. 

Several individuals originating from various states had achieved the setting on Tuesday and acquired tokens. Goud relatives asserted that 35,000 individuals took the fish "prasadam" till Wednesday evening. They said game plans to supply one lakh fingerlings were made. 

In the event that taken for three progressive years, the drug is accepted to cure asthma. 

The family cases to circulate the fish prescription free of cost for more than 160 years. It renamed the medication as "prasadam" a couple of years back when it turned into a subject of contention. A few gatherings moved toward a lower court looking for a prohibition on the "informal" work on, guaranteeing that since the natural glue contains substantial metals it can bring about genuine medical issues. In any case, the Goud family asserts that the tests in research centers led according to court orders uncovered that the home grown glue is protected. It asserts that the mystery equation for the home grown prescription was given to their predecessor in 1845 by a holy person in the wake of taking a promise from him that it would be controlled free of cost.

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