Sunday, 30 October 2016

How the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor Has Changed Lives, Including Mine

I recall existence with diabetes before I had "beeps" and "alerts" going off advising me that my sugar is (low) and that I have to eat something. 

I was so sucker punched by a low glucose, where I've gone oblivious. 

I needed to go to bed trusting and asking that I get up in the morning, and not knowing whether my glucose would withstand the night. 

I recollect the dread so distinctively, and not only my fear..but my family's too. 

It wasn't until a year prior when I began on the Dexcom (CGM) — just a year! That implies I've abandoned a nonstop glucose screen for a long time with diabetes. What's more, now I can't envision living without one. 

No — it's not a cure. Despite everything I have a broken pancreas. I'm a Type 1 Diabetic. Despite everything I need to number carbs, figure how much insulin to oversee myself and check my blood sugars physically to ensure the Dexcom is giving precise readings. 

Be that as it may, this goes about as a "wellbeing net." So much can happen between typical blood sugars checks. That even a 20 minute duration can be an extremely vital time for a diabetic. It at times can even turn into a crucial circumstance if not treated in time. 

The Dexcom tells me where my glucose is inclining and how rapidly. Sending me alarms when it's dropping or rising quickly and when it achieves unsafe levels. 

This gadget has changed my life, regardless of being a flawed innovation framework. I can nearly ensure that it has likely spared me from numerous life-debilitating occasions. While regardless I have the weight of diabetes on my shoulders, I don't have the gigantic measure of dread at all times. I now have some true serenity where I can be more gainful. 

Presently having a family and kids — this gadget has given me another life. A superior life. A more secure life. 

While I am sufficiently blessed to have the capacity to acquire this medicinal gadget, this is not the situation for each diabetic. I really trust everybody ought to have admittance to this! This is not a need, it's a desperate medicinal need for the individuals who fight diabetes.

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