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Choosing An Exercise Plan Diabetes


When people are just beginning an exercise program, they often have three questions:

What kinds of exercise should I do?

Your doctor will advise you what types of exercise you can do based on your medical history and a thorough medical exam. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your exercise plan.

How much should I exercise?

Many experts agree that you need 30 minutes of "moderate-intensity" physical activity each day to stay in good health. If you're out of shape or short on time, start slowly and add it up in 10-minute periods throughout your day.

How hard should I exercise?

Take the "Talk Test." While exercising, you should feel a little warm, break into a light sweat, and have increased breathing (but not gasping). If you can talk and carry on a conversation during this time then your activity level is just right.
Your Exercise Plan

1.  Endurance Activities (aerobic exercise)

Try these aerobic activities 3 to 5 days per week to strengthen your heart and lungs and improve your circulation:

        ·            Walk briskly

·         1 3/4 miles in 35 minutes (20 minutes per mile)

·         2 miles in 30 minutes (15 minutes per mile)

·         Join a mall-walking program
      ·       Cycle

·         5 miles in 30 minutes or

·         4 miles in 15 minutes
      ·         Swim laps for 20 minutes
      ·         Jump rope for 15 minutes
      ·         Run 1 1/2 miles in 15 minute (10 minutes per mile)
      ·         Play basketball

      ·         Shoot baskets for 30 minutes or

      ·         Play a game for 15-20 minutes

      ·         Dance fast (social dancing) for 30 minutes
      ·         Skate for 30-40 minutes
      ·         Try an at-home exercise video
      ·         Check out an exercise classes at your local YMCA, recreation, or senior center (You might    want to observe the class before signing up.) 

2. Strength Activities

Do strength activities 2 to 3 days a week to build your muscles and bones, improve posture and balance, and prevent osteoporosis.

·         Weight lifting 
·         Sit-ups and push-ups 
·         Climbing stairs 
·         Lifting and carrying groceries

3. Flexibility Activities

Try flexing exercises 5 to 7 days a week to keep your muscles and joints relaxed and mobile. You'll improve mobility and movement as you get older.

·         Yoga and T'ai Chi
·         Stretching exercises

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