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3 Indian deserts every diabetic can eat this festive season

This Ganesh Chaturthi, here is how diabetics can indulge their sweet tooth!

Celebrations are known for desserts yet not for diabetics. This happy season where all the family and companions are savoring yummy modaks and kheer, most diabetics experience considerable difficulties deserts, particularly the individuals who have a sweet tooth. Be that as it may, if your diabetes is under control and you are precisely checking your blood glucose level, then you can appreciate the festivals in addition to the desserts. Yet, be careful, it ought to be low in calories and negligible in sugar. So to help you commend this celebration simply like others, our master Ms Meenal Sharma Binani, Dietician, Apollo Sugar Clinics, Hyderabad, offers three Indian betray formulas for diabetics.

1. Modak: Modaks are a crucial piece of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration and what can be best than including products of the soil as filling for modaks. In any case, here is a basic sound modak formula for diabetics which has a calorie check of 24.7 calories.


#Sorghum (Jowar) Flour: 1 Cup

#Jaggery: 10 gms

#Ground crisp coconut: ¼ Cup

#White sesame seeds: 2 tbsp

#A squeeze of salt

#Ghee: 1 tsp

#Water: As required


Firstly, dry meal sesame seeds until light cocoa in shading, cool and pound into fine powder.

Presently, include jaggery in a skillet and permit it to soften. Presently, include ground sesame seeds and ground coconut in the skillet, blend well. Expel from the fire, cook and make round balls.

In a bowl, include jowar flour and salt. Blend and after that manipulate by add bubbling water to make a delicate mixture.

Take a chunk of jowar batter, straighten it and fill in the blend. Presently, shut the sides to frame a modak and steam for 10 – 15 minutes. Serve when icy.

2. Lauki/bottle gourd kheer: Unlike standard kheer which is made with rice and milkmaid and stuffed with calories, lauki kheer is simple on the stomach and low in calories (68 calories). Here's a fast and solid approach to make lauki kheer at home.


#1 measure of ground jug gourd

#100 ml of low fat drain

#1 teaspoon of sugar/jaggery (20 cal)

#Cardamom (elaichi) powder


In a profound non-stick skillet, include bottle gourd and drain, permit this to cook on a medium fire for 10 – 20 minutes while mixing sometimes.

Include a teaspoon of sugar (you can even utilize jaggery rather than sugar) and cook till the sugar breaks down totally. Cook on medium fire.

Include cardamom powder once it is practically done. Expel from fire, cool and refrigerate for 60 minutes before serving.

3. Chocolate Sandesh: An unsurpassed most loved leave for Bengalis, sandesh can be made soundly. While customary sandesh is brimming with drain cream and sugar, Ms G.S Sudha Dietician, Apollo Sugar Clinics, Hyderabad shares her nutritious sand sound sandesh formula, which contains just 40 calories (per piece).


#60 gms of crisply made low-fat paneer (natively constructed)

#2 teaspoon of jaggery powder (40 cal)

#½ tablespoon cocoa Powder

#½ teaspoon Vanilla pith


>In a bowl, blend paneer and jaggery powder altogether.

>Include cocoa powder and vanilla pith and blend till the blend gets to be smooth.

>Presently, partition the blend into 8 rise to segments and shape each into a level circle.

>Refrigerate it for no less than 30 minutes before serving.

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